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Healing Guide.

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Healing Guide.

Post  Maugrim on 2010-12-01, 18:17

Part 1: Description of Healing tools – Getting to know your spells.

Before I describe how to heal in 4.0.1, I need to introduce you to the changes in spells and how they will work. Pretty much every healing spell we have changed in some way. So, this section is going to be really important. Note that how you actually heal won’t change that much at level 80 (most of the changes will come as you level up), but you need to know what all your tools can do now.

Direct Heals: Listed cast times with and without my 24.12% haste (791 rating). Mana costs are at level 80.

Healing Touch (2.5 sec cast time after Naturalist, 1328 mana). Cast time reduced to 2.01 secs at 24.12% haste. Heals for a large amount, but has a high mana cost. Crits will reduce the cooldown on Swiftmend by .5 sec from talents, which really isn’t that noticeable. You can’t lower the cast time through glyphs anymore, so this will always be a big, slow heal. Tie Nature’s Swiftness to it, but drag it back on your casting bar, as well, as it will theoretically become more useful now than it was. Use this when you need a big heal on a tank. *You won’t use much HT at level 80. Will be used more at 85.*

Nourish (2.5 sec cast time after naturalist, 349 mana). Cast time is the same as Healing Touch. However, it costs less mana and heals for less than HT, which becomes our “efficient” heal at level 85 when we have big mana problems. This spell is now super slow. It is no longer a fast heal. Empowered Touch allows nourish to refresh lifebloom on that target, and crits will also reduce swiftmend’s cooldown by .5 sec. Only cast this on people with at least one Heal over Time effect (ie. a rejuv, regrowth, or wild growth HOT), due to the fact that nourish has 20+ increased healing done plus the mastery healing bonus when you heal someone with a HOT. *since nourish is slow and you don’t have mana problems, you probably won’t use nourish much at level 80*

Regrowth (1.5 sec cast time, 1223 mana). Cast time reduced to 1.01 sec at 24.12% haste. Heals for a medium amount and is now our “flash” heal instead of nourish. The HOT duration was reduced to 6 seconds to allow the direct heal to hit harder. Regrowth has a high crit chance from talents, which will proc frequent living seeds. *You will use this more in ICC on targets that need a quick direct heal.*
Multi-target AOE heals:

Swiftmend (instant, 349 mana, 15 sec cooldown) with Efflorescence procs thru talents is our new AOE heal. Still requires a rejuv or regrowth, but it heals the same amount regardless of which HOT you consume. Swiftmend puts a medium-size direct heal on the target, and then efflorescence will sprout an 8 yard circle around that target. Anyone standing in that circle gets healed for up to 7 seconds. Moving out of the circle stops healing (so, tell your groups/raids/guild to stand in those circles unless something else forces them to move).

Wild Growth (instant, 943 mana, 10 sec cooldown) Has a slightly longer cooldown now, so you can’t cast it as much. However, swiftmend/Efflo should make up for that in some ways. Wild growth is still a “smart” heal that hits multiple targets to heal over time.
Tranquility (channeled over 7 sec, 1118 mana, 8 min cooldown) – Now heals 5 low-health party & raid members (ie. no longer limited to people in your group). It has a big direct heal that hits about every 2 seconds (lowered by haste), and also applies a HOT that stacks up to 3 times that lasts for the duration. So, those 5 people are unlikely to die while you are channeling. This is a much more awesome spell that I will start using a lot more now.
Single-target HOTs:

Lifebloom (instant, 244 mana) received the most changes. It now has a low mana cost and doesn’t return mana anymore. You can only have this on ONE person at a time (usually a tank). If you move it to a new target, it doesn’t force the bloom, it just ends on the first target. You will need to keep this up even if you are raid healing due to the fact that all of our mana regen talents are tied to it (revitalize, replenishment, & Malfurion’s gift). If you weren’t keeping this up on a tank before, I now highly recommend it. Note that multiple druids CAN cast their lifebloom on the same target if they want, but each individual druid can only have their LB stack on a single target.

Rejuvenation (instant, 699 mana) has a shorter duration now, but it will still be a primary healing spell for you as a raid heal. However, given that the mastery increases healing done on people with a HOT, you will likely need to do more than just mindlessly spam rejuvs around the raid (and you may find it slightly harder to do such). Rejuv also has a chance to give you the mana return from revitalize, and gets the instant heal from gift of the earth mother. Rejuv works best on lightly wounded targets who are taking damage, not on people at 100% health (the duration is shorter now, and we get a talented direct heal from it).

Part 2: Mastery, tree form, and other spells

Mastery is a bonus you get for choosing restoration as your talent spec focus. You only gain this bonus at higher levels (80+) when you learn it from the trainer. Mastery will also show up as a stat on gear when you are closer to 85 after Cata comes out.

Symbiosis is our current mastery which is: Symbiosis (Revamped) – Increases the potency of your healing spells by 10% on targets already affected by one of your heal over time spells. Each point of Mastery increases heal potency by an additional 1.25%.
Some mastery examples:

If you cast a single rejuv on someone with no HOTs, you don’t benefit from the mastery.
If you cast rejuv on someone who already has a wild growth or regrowth HOT on them, that rejuv heal benefits from the mastery.
If you cast nourish, HT, or regrowth on the tank with a lifebloom on them, you get the bonus from the mastery.
Basically, if you have any of your HOTs on a target, your heals on that target (whether HOT or direct heal) get a bonus.
Swiftmend/efflorescence will always benefit from the mastery due to requiring a HOT for swiftmend to be cast.
This will turn into a really nice tank healing bonus, and how much it helps you in AOE/raid healing will be determined by how you heal. You may get more use out of this mastery for raid healing at 85 (where you are more likely going to have to mix and match spells).
Tree form: Tree form (instant, 167 mana) is now a 3 minute cooldown, with a 30 second duration. Pop this at times when you need to heal for more (as it gives you a 6% increase to healing to all your spells). When you go into tree form, a couple of your spells get benefits for the duration of that 30 second effect. The ones most relevant to healing at 80 are:

Regrowth becomes instant cast, which mostly just means you can cast it on the move, since we’re probably already at the GCD with haste at 80. It becomes only slightly more useful at 85 when your haste goes down.
Lifebloom can be put on more than one target (the most interesting of all of them). This allows you to brieftly use it to stack with other HOTs on raid members for increased healing output. Or, you can stack it up on a 2nd tank when times are tough.
Wild Growth will hit up to 2 more targets (most useful in a 25-man setting)
It also gives a bonus to wrath & roots (probably more useful for PvP or soloing than PvE raiding at 80).
Other abilities:

Remove corruption: allows you to remove 1 magic (if talented), curse, and poison effect. All of our dispels are in one button, and abolish poison is gone.
Mark of the Wild: Now raid-wide and gift of the wild was removed. Does not cost a reagent (so vendor all those wild spineleaf).
Innervate: Now causes the target to regen 20% of the caster’s mana (ie. if you cast it on a priest, they regen mana up to 20% of your mana pool). This change prevents it from being very potent for feral druids.
Thorns: You likely won’t cast this on your tanks anymore at the beginning of the fight because it’s now an ability that lasts for 20 seconds and has a 45 second cooldown (and using it right on the pull runs the risk of you pulling aggro due to threat changes). So, it’s more of a defensive PvP ability now with fewer PvE uses.
Nature’s Swiftness: You can still macro this to Healing Touch. However, you want to drag healing touch back on your bar so that you can cast it like normal, too.

3. Tank and raid healing advice

General advice:

We don’t get any “new” resto spells in Cataclysm. Instead, they redesigned our 9 existing healing spells (for better or worse). Since encounter design determines how you will heal (and they didn’t change the ICC encounters), for level 80 healing in ICC and such, your healing style probably won’t change all that much from what it was prior to patch day. Read part 1 of this guide about how spells have changed.

We will cast regrowth as a flash heal where you used to cast nourish (because now Nourish is super slow).
You will use more swiftmend for Efflorescence procs as an AOE heal and that is probably the most major change to your AOE healing rotation.
You will largely just spam rejuv & WG around the raid in ICC still, with using more swiftmend and direct heals than you did before.
In addition, for tank healing and such, lifebloom is limited to one target, so you can’t use LB as an AOE heal (unless tree form is up), and you will likely want to roll 3x lifeblooms on a tank for the whole fight (regardless of whether you are a tank or raid healer).
Our direct heals will become more important as we level up to 85 and everyone’s health pools get bigger relative to the size of our HOT ticks. I’m not anticipating nourish or HT making that big of an appearance in ICC healing at level 80 due to encounters not really favoring spells with slow cast times, which is why I still recommend picking up Nature’s Swiftness to tie to HT for the short-term.

Tank healing:

Put a 3 stack of lifebloom on the tank you are assigned to. Don’t let it fall off (you can use nourish to refresh LB’s duration if you have empowered touch). With more than 1 druid, assign each druid to put LB on a different tank if needed (though if there is only 1 tank, all your druids can put their LB stacks on the same target). With 2 tanks, I would want at least 1 LB stack on each tank.
Put rejuv on all the tanks & refresh as needed.
Use a mix of direct heals (regrowth, nourish, HT) as you find best suits the encounter and your group’s needs. You can still swiftmend the tank, because if he’s standing still, he’ll still benefit from the large burst heal and your efflorescence proc.

HOT tanks, then heal raid:

Roll 3x lifebloom on a single tank. Put rejuv on all the tanks.
Spam around wild growth, rejuv, and swiftmend (for efflorescence procs) on people who are taking damage. Avoid healing targets at full health.
Use direct heals to supplement HOTs as needed (most likely regrowth because you can afford to spam your fast regrowths a little more at 80 than you can at 85). Nourish & HT will feel too slow, but you can supplement AOE healing with nourishes on the tank if you have empowered touch and want to assist with tank heals.You’ll have to play around with your spells a little bit to find what will work the best for you.
Tranquility is also nice to use now because it effects people outside your group, but it has a super long cooldown (so you may get 1 per boss in a raid).

Just raid heal: See section on HOT tanks, then raid heal.

Even as a raid healer, I still think that maintaining LB on your tank will be worthwhile (though perhaps in a 25-man raid healing situation at 80, you may not need to if you don’t need the mana regen procs or replenishment from it). You could always not put rejuv on tanks, but at the very least, it couldn’t hurt. In this case, you may not need the empowered touch talent, but I would still pick up nature’s bounty so you can drop crit regrowth bombs on raid members for fun to supplement your HOT AOE healing.

(Guide by Restokin )
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