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Resto Druid

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Resto Druid

Post  Maugrim on 2010-12-01, 06:52

Stats on Gear

Stats have not changed since 4.0.1 but priority has. This will be in *general* order of importance:
Hint: Int is a major stat. You can't reforge it and it is on every piece of leather healing gear. Mastery, Crit, SPI, and Haste are your secondary stats.
Spi only gives regen. The more int you have, the less spi you'll need. You want to balance haste around your caps. After that, crit =mastery most of the time until the patch. In 5s and 10s, mastery normally overdoes crit. 25s, crit> mastery. Below will show you more of what each stat does and give you more information on what stat to take and when.

Intellect provides 1 spellpower and 0.00154% to crit per point. With Mark of the Wild, Heart of the Wild, and Astral Leather Specialization, it provides 1.169 spellpower and 0.0018% crit (555 points per 1% crit, a bit under 1/3 of a crit rating).
Similarly, with these talents, one point of Intellect increases your maximum mana by 17.53 (19.28 with 2/3 Furor), and your regen from Replenishment, Euphoria, and Innervate correspondingly.

Intellect, without the talent bonuses, crit bonus, or mana gains. Basically a weaker form of Intellect that only appears on weapons and trinkets, but is still good.

Your new mana regen. One point of Spirit gives 0.00836*SQRT(Int) MP5. Int in general is better for regen than spi, but it's still good.

Haste rating:
128.05 haste rating gives 1% spell haste. This reduces the cast time and GCD of all of our spells, to a minimum of 1 second GCD (there is no effect on Rejuvenation, which automatically has a 1 second GCD from talents). It also causes our HoT's to tick faster and potentially gain extra ticks.
Thanks to EJ for the chart: Also, Always get 1 point above the break point or you will not get the extra tick

You want to strive for at least 917, aiming at 1221 to get 12 LB ticks in. By the end of T11(HM BiS gear) you will probably want to aim for 2440 getting the RG, WG, and LB tick in.

Critical strike rating:
179.28 crit rating gives 1% to crit. Crit heals do 1.5 times the healing of non-crit heals (1.545 with a Revitalizing meta). As of 4.0, all healing effects are able to crit. Due to its greater itemization cost and weak bonus, crit adds significantly less throughput than haste for all spells besides Rejuvenation).

Mastery rating:
179.28 mastery rating adds 1.25% to our Symbiosis bonus. The value of this depends greatly on your particular spell usage and healing technique. If more than around 30% of your spells are affected by Symbiosis, this will tend to give more raw throughput than crit rating.


Spi depends on you and how you use your own spells. Before you reforge your spi off something, test to see if you can spare it. Generally though, you shouldn't need a on after you have a solid set of gear.
Mastery-Tank healing it's extremely valuable. 10 mans it starts to loose it's luster but is still good. 25 mans it greatly looses it's luster but is still good. Once I have to solid numbers on mastery I will post them.
Haste is still your best throughput stat OUTSIDE of RJ. The more you RJ, the less you need haste.
Higher ilvl = more stats. Choose the piece with the most stats(int is the main stat you want to look at) and what has the most socket bonuses.


Meta: Ember Shadowspirit Diamond

To meet the requirement: gem two Reckless Ember Topaz wherever you can get the two best yellow socket bonuses.
In all other sockets, gem Brilliant Inferno Ruby, unless you can pick up a socket bonus of 20 Int or more with a single Purified Demonseye or Reckless Ember Topaz.

Excluding profession bonuses, you should use:
Head: 60 Int/35 crit (Guardians of Hyjal revered).
Shoulders: 50Int/25 haste (Therazane exalted).
Back - 50 Int
Chest - 20 stats
Wrists - 65 haste
Gloves - 50 haste
Legs - 95 Int/55 Spirit ([Powerful Ghostly Spellthread])
Boots - Run speed/35 mastery
Weapon - Power Torrent
Offhand - 40 Int(when the patch hits. It's 100 int right now)


[Glyph of Rejuvenation], [Glyph of Lifebloom], [Glyph of Swiftmend]
Only other healing glyph is [Glyph of Regrowth] and it's not recommended.

[Glyph of Wild Growth], [Glyph of Rebirth], [Glyph of Innervate]
Thorns is situational but not recommended. Innervate for raids if you have another resto druid, [Glyph of Healing Touch] for 5 mans or raids if you don't have another resto druid.

[Glyph of Mark of the Wild], [Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth], [Glyph of Dash] are the only glyphs that can help you during an actual fight, but any minors are fine.


Specs are extremely debated so I will be posting the ones that are a possibility. I recommend multiple specs at least to begin with. Some encounters you will need a lot of mana while some are much easier. Some you need a lot of AoE healing and some none. It will ALL depend on the encounter, your gear, and your raid/other healers.
This is the hardest section since there is no right or wrong answer. All the points will be good depending on what situation you are in.

Spec 1: Ton of mana problems
I took out natures cure and natures swiftness, along with 1 point in efflorescence. If you NEED Natures cure, drop a point elsewhere. If you are in a AoE intense fight, you will want that efflor point back. This is also a good spec for 25s, but 25s most people drop Nat bounty and take BotG since RG is hardly used and RJ is highly used.

You have a few other options now:
Option 1 If you don't have a lot of mana problems and see NG is not helping your healing, you can go 2/3/36 instead. Furor is not as good as MG but should keep you out of trouble if you have no mana problems with MG. The downfall to this is BotG is very underwhelming besides raids, which it's amazing. This is a high output spec but should have enough mana for 5s, 10s, and even 25 regs.

Option 2 If you like NG but don't need MG and furor, you can take 7/0/34. This will take furor and MG out while giving you all your healing talents and a 2/3 Genesis.
These specs can be changed as needed. Don't need Natures cure? You can add it to furor, or Moonglow, or genesis. You like Natures Grace and need Moonglow but don't need furor? Take genesis. I've seen a few people test this spec, but not many use it.

In the end, the talents you NEED are:
Natural Shapeshifter
Heart of the Wild
Master Shapeshifter
Living Seed
Nature's Bounty
Empowered Touch
Malfurion's Gift
Efflorescence(as many as you can and depending on the fight)
Wild Growth
Gift of the Earthmother
Swift Rejuvenation
Tree of Life
Optional but still very good:
Nature's Grace
Nature's Majesty(Should be taken anyway, but not 100% needed)
Furor(Should be taken anyway, but not 100% needed)
Blessing of the Grove(If you are raiding, this is necessary)
Nature's Cure(Should be taken anyway, but not 100% needed)
Nature's Swiftness(Should be taken anyway, but not 100% needed)

A few points:
Efflor gives average 7% healing in raid environments. If you are raiding, take 3/3.
MG is only needed if you are having a lot of mana problems. Taking MG takes out some direct output talents, but really gives you more gear and raid mistakes leeway. For awhile, it will be best to keep this and use all the mana you can. Unless with it you are healing almost 100% of the time(unless it goes to overheal but you wont have that problem in raids) it's not really worth dropping yet, with gear with will change.
Shamans and Priests both heal when they cleanse. If you heal with either of these people it's perfectly reasonable to drop the talent and let them dispel. With mana the way it is and having to take all the regen talents, it's one place for now we can drop it.
Nature's Swiftness is a very good talent. But, like Nature's Cure, it's one of those things you will probably want to drop until you don't need MG.

Healing Strategies

No matter what you are doing, raid or heroics or regulars, raid healers or tank healers, keep LB on the tank. If by letting it bloom, the heal will not go to overheal, let it bloom. If you are properly geared LB wont even make a dent in your mana before it regens back up. In intense healing situations, most of the time its not worth letting bloom because you will need those 3 GCDs.

5 Mans:
Regulars and heroics are pretty much the same, just heroics are more intense. Don't heal what you don't have to. If your rogue gets hit by something random once, Wg or RJ will be enough, no need to spam HT/RG him. Don't waste mana.

You aren't going to have everyone at 100% all the time. Especially in heroics, 99% of the boss fights most dmg is avoidable. If you are playing with bads, yes, you will have mana problems and people will die. This isn't a druid problem, this is their problem. If someone stands in something, explain to them you don't have the mana to heal through people playing badly. It's not being rude, it's the truth. They all have defensive CDs they should have taken now, they need to use them. Heal people about to die, don't spam to 100%.

Nourish is a filler. Like LB, you will regen that mana back as fast as you use it. So, whenever you aren't healing spike or someone about to die you should be nourishing people closer to 100%. Go for the people with hots 1st for mastery and the nourish buff.

Use WG. It's low mana and it will give you a buffer to nourish if needed and will get them further away from 0. Use SM every CD. It's also a very cheap spell. People that say efflor is underwhelming are those that do not use SM. It may not heal for a ton, but if you use it at the correct time and people stand in it like they should, by the end of the fight it makes up a very good amount of healing.

Don't be afraid of tree. If there is an aura mechanic pop ToL, LB everyone once and start going back through the line to stack to 3 and refresh. When CC pops, throw an instant RG on whoever needs it.

Along with that, do not be afraid of Tranq. It's a very good spell, use it.

Healing in heroics is hard with bads, but not impossible. Use your lower mana spells, use your hots, and fill with nourish as often as possible. Once you get some gear, you will find even heroics extremely easy to heal.

There are 2 main ways to heal raids right now:
1) Assign groups. If your guild does this you will heal the same way you do in 5s. Your WG/Efflor will go on other people, along with tranq, but that's ok. Why? Because everyone's AoE heals are doing the same. If you see someone low and you have WG on them, don't be afraid to help heal them. Good guilds that assign groups make it work because people help each other while still focusing on their group. You just need to play smart and communicate with your other healers. This really isn't popular anymore, it was at the beginning of the expac, but with gear and strats most people don't need to do this.

2) Rj spam. Yes, really. Though, it's a bit more complicated now. Instead of going down the line hitting RJ, you RJ smart. It's not really 'spamming' anymore, but you will hardly use Noruish unlike the other way, where you use it a lot. Most people hardcore progressing right now(Top 10 world guilds) are doing this with 2 druids. The both keep LB up, RG with omen, proc Efflor and WG whenever off CD, and super stack spi. They are reforging so every piece has spi and most have a nice balance of the rest of the stats while keeping the RJ haste cap. If you know a big aoe mechanic is coming, don't be afraid to RJ spam. Use wg, hot those you hit. For AoE you may want to 'assign' healing. As in, assign heals so everyone is covered by something.

Priest spike heal is insane right now. Pallys are insane right now. Don't get discouraged if you get beat certain fights. Especially in HMs, the gap gets much wider. But, druids are still worth bringing to tank or raid heal.

3) Tank healing: Depending on your gear this will change a lot. Some people use nourish all the time, some people can spam HT and not have any problems. You need to test for yourself and see how it goes. If you can keep your tank up by rolling LB and RJ, procing WG and SM on CD and use nourish, do it. Unless your tank is going to die you can use the extra mana to throw out RJs on raid dmg. If the tank is getting hit so hard that you have to constantly HT them, do that, your job is for your tank to live.

Spamming HT which has the same cast time as nourish just because when you don't need to is waste of mana that can be used other places. In 10s, you shouldn't really need a tank healer and with the future changes to RJ/nourish/wg, it will be a nice buff to all tank healers, but especially 10 mans.

Healing Spells

Rejuvenation: This will still be 1st or second on your meter, especially in raids. Know how much yours heals for. RJ is still a very powerful spell, don't underestimate it. Don't spam it, but if it won't go to over healing this will be your most powerful spell for mana cost.

Lifebloom: Keep it rolling, end of story. You should never not have LB on a tank. If you have time and the healing's needed, refresh with nourish or HT(CC procs). If not, just refresh.

Wild Growth: It's smart cast, it has a 30 yard range, it costs 1% more mana than RJ. WG can be used on a hostile unit and smart heal the closest thing around it making it very unique. Use your WG when needed, but since it's expensive don't spam it if possible. If you have Vuhdo make sure you turn clustering on.

Nourish:Your filler. Whenever you don't have to cast something else you should be casting this if it wont be going to overheal. Don't be disappointed by the low healing, even without the hot buffer it's still a filler heal. With a hot buffer it's better, so aim at keeping a buffer up(also so you have symbiosis.)

Healing Touch: Same cast time as Nourish but heals for a lot more, and in turn is a lot more mana. If your tank NEEDS it, cast it. It's a lot of mana but the tank needs to live. Outside of that, sometimes it's better to use HT on CC procs over RG, but you need to decide how much direct healing the target needs and if RGs initial heal isn't enough to last until the hot is completed.

Regrowth: Our flash heal. It costs a lot of mana but heals a good amount and leave a hot. Mainly used with CC procs. But, if SM is down and someone needs emergency spike, this is where you go.

Efflorescence: Yes, it's been nurfed since beta. Yes, it's still worth 3 points, even in 5 mans, as long as you use smartly and your group stands in it. It is a nice buffer to have that is instant and comes with SM which you should already be using. Take free healing wherever you can, just be smart where you put it.

Swiftmend: Use every CD if it's not going to overheal or you know you want to place efflor somewhere specifically soon. SM is probably our best spell. It's instant, heals for a good amount, and throws efflor on the ground. You can also SM other druids hots so if you have Vuhdo, make sure you put SMable targets on.

Tranqulity: You can only use this once per fight, but don't be afraid to use it. Tranq is very strong now putting out a ton of healing and can easily save a big mistake. Know mechanics of a fight so you know the best time to pop it, but use it!

Tree of Life: A lot of people before release claimed ToL would be terrible, and no matter how many times we beta testers said it's not, they stood by they knew just from reading the spells. Well, as we said, ToL is amazing.
15% increase to healing:
LB: Can be cast on multiple targets. Especially in 5s, if everyone is low and you just can't catch up, blow tree. LB everyone once and start going back down the line refreshing and getting everyone to 3 stacks.
RG: Instant. Don't spam this, you'll go oom. With LB on all targets you will have CC proc a lot. When it does, instant RG those lowest. If people will die before LB can save them, RG, just don't mindlessly spam.
WG:Hits two extra people, amazing for raids, nothing special for 5s obviously. If you blow tree in raids use WG as much as you can as long as it's hitting those 2 extra people, which it should be(30 yard range)

Utility Spells
Innervate:Use early so you can use it again. If you raid with another druid, glyph it so you can use on each other and get the bonus.

Rebirth: You can only use once in 10s and 3 times in 25s per attempt. Don't waste it. Communicate with your other druids who you are BRing.

Thorns: Resto thorns are the weakest of the 3 specs, so unless you are the only druid, don't waste your mana. Even in 5s, unless you have a lot of mana to spare don't bother.

Barkskin: Doesn't use a GCD, keybind it, use it whenever possible.

Remove Corruption: This can now be used on people without a debuff and is very expensive. Try and coordinate who is using it on which person/group so you aren't wasting mana.

Instant Healing Touch:
/showtooltip Nature's Swiftness
/use Nature's Swiftness
/use [@mouseover] Healing Touch
(Take out mouseover if you use a click addon)

Rebirth in combat, revive out of combat:
/use [nocombat] Revive
/stopmacro [nocombat]
/use Rebirth
/ra Rebirth on %t

Use a healing addon. They are all pretty much the same. I'm not going to go into this largely, but from a lot of people testing all 3 on many different factors many agree(for right now at least) Vuhdo is superior, though not by a lot, trailed by Grid than healbot. This is based on functionality, latency, resource usage, and customization.

Use something that shows your CDs and when they will be up. I use coolLine though there are many out there that work.

Use DBM. You have no excuse not to.

Besides that, anything outside the blizzard UI is up to you. I like a more sleek look so I don't use any standard UI, but nothing else is needed.

(Taken from

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Re: Resto Druid

Post  Sothrana on 2010-12-01, 17:43

If I remember correctly, we can only place 2 points in revitalize, and not 3. was looking for an update, but couldn't find it. but thanks mau. but I'll have a look on sothy when I get the time to.


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