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Restoration 4.0.3

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Restoration 4.0.3

Post  Maugrim on 2010-12-01, 01:22


In 4.0.1 talent trees have drastically changed. The trees have been reduced in size to 31 points and you have to put 31 points into a tree before moving on. You also gain some abilities just from putting some original talents into that tree.
Many talents are now optional, this allows a lot more freedom when selecting talents. However some talents are still compulsory and should always be taken.

Restoration Tree

Ancestral Resolve
This is an optional talent. If you find yourself dying a lot or if there is heavy raid damage in cataclysm content this may be worth taking.

Tidal Focus
This is a compulsory talent if you suffer from no mana issues ever, then you may want to pick up some filler talents instead.

Spark of Life
This is a compulsory talent. 6% increased healing + more survivability in one talent.

Improved Water Shield
This is a compulsory talent. Our mana regen talent. Do not ever skip this.

Totemic Focus
This is an optional talent. The only reason you would take this is to increase mana tides duration. Judge if you need the extra mana or not.

Focused Insight
This is an optional talent. If timed right you can produce a powerful heal, which could save a player from dying. If you have spare GCD it can be worth getting. Unfortunately we have no hit rating, therefore if you miss it is a waste of a GCD and mana. If you do decide to use this talent, use flame shock.

Nature’s Guardian
Generally considered worth skipping. A pvp talent, but if you find you pull aggro to much in a 5m environment by healing then feel free to take it (or get a new tank).

Ancestral Healing
This is a compulsory talent. Even if you have a Priest in your raid, it is still worth taking this talent as they overwrite each other.

Nature’s Swiftness
This is a compulsory talent. Our only cooldown currently in game, can be used to quickly save a player.

Nature’s Blessing
This is a compulsory talent. If you ever have to throw a heal onto the tank this will improve the healing.

Soothing Rains
This is a compulsory talent. Currently it will just improve healing stream, but compared to other optional talents, it will give more healing.

Improved Cleanse Spirit
This is a compulsory talent. Not much to say here, unless you never ever have to dispel should you skip this.

Cleansing Waters
This is an optional talent. If you find yourself dispelling lots of the time this talent will be greatly beneficial to you. It heals a reasonable amount while reducing the mana cost.

Ancestral Awakening
This is a compulsory talent. Increases your scope of healing when tank healing or spot healing. Should never be skipped.

Mana Tide Totem
This is a compulsory talent. A good source of mana regen, while also helping other mana users.

Telluric Currents
This is an optional talent. If you find time to throw some bolts then feel free to pick it up. Currently it gives a decent amount of return, in cataclysm it will not (so enjoy it while you can).

Tidal Waves
This is a compulsory talent. Also one of the most important talents in the tree. With it being a huge boost to healing it should never be skipped.

Blessing of the Eternals
This is a compulsory talent. Since it lost the 4% crit bonus it has become fairly poor. But it will still give you more of a throughput boost to healing then the other optional talents. Unless you purely heal the tank, it should be taken.

This is a compulsory talent. A instant single target heal, very useful when on the move , increasing the heal of chain heal and activating Tidal Waves.

I'm not going to go into to much detial into the other specs. But you should talent into the Enhancement tree and take:
Elemental Weapons
Improved Shields
Ancestral Swiftness

After you should get Acuity in the Elemental tree.

In 4.0.1 you should choose between the crit gain from Acuity or the healing gain from Elemental Weapons.

For level 85 there is some debate wether Elemental Pricision with Telleruic Currents is worth taking over Ancestral swiftness. So far looking at the beta logs, many restoration shamans in raid content have been stacking Int and using LB for mana. This allows you to do some dps and restore mana during down time and then be able to use more expensive burst heals when needed.
The issue here is you lose mobility from instant GW and there will likely be some encounters you wont have the time to dps.

In my opinion the spec you should go for if you are unsure on optional talents is this:



Earth living
Earth shield
Currently these 3 Prime glyphs are best

Water shield - If you strugle on mana (this may become better at 85).

Major glyphs

Chain heal
Healing wave
Healing stream totem

Restoration shamans are not changing a great deal, spell wise, then from wotlk. Riptide, Earth shield and Chain heal all remain very similar (the riptide hot now scales like all hots and chain heal bounces to 4 automatically).

All healers have 3 basic healing spells. One for HPS, one for high healing value and one for healing per mana.
Our three are:
Healing surge (LHW) - This is a high HPS heal that heals a large amount but is very un-mana efficient.
Healing wave – Our new spamable heal. It has a medium strength heal, medium hps and is very mana efficient. Currently on live you should be able to spam this without losing mana.
Greater Healing wave – This is the replacement for our old healing wave. Its costly, with low hps but a high strength heal. Like with the old healing wave this is a situational heal. Use it with nature’s swiftness or when you know a large burst of damage is incoming.

Cleanse now no longer dispels Poisens and Diseases, but dispels Magic and Curses. Also if the talent Cleansing Water is taken, it also heals that target.

Mana Tide - Mana tide now gives 350% Spirit over 12 seconds, or 17 seconds if you have totemic focus.


Like all healers in 4.0.1 spirit is our new Regen stat. You want a decent amount of spirit to support your healing. But if you are in ICC gear, you should have no mana issues. Meditation will allow 50% of your spirit to Regen in combat.

Spell power has been removed and instead has been replaced by Intellect. The only item spell power is still on are caster weapons. This increases the value of intellect by a large amount since wotlk.

Haste is still just as valuable as it was before. In fact it is more valuable than before, since our hots now scale with haste.

Crit will continue to be a useful stat for restoration. Sadly we lost 14% crit from talents, although you can gain 3% crit from Acuity, you won’t be able to gain access to this until 85 (unless you skip imp shields/elemental weapons). Its worth noting that although crit is a helpful stat, haste and int will continue to be better.

Try to avoid reforging to Mastery. Currently in game its not worth it. With the smaller health pools + large heals, players rarely drop that low for long. In cataclysm the benefit of this spell will be alot greater, but currently don't worry about it.

If you are in 'end game' gear I would not bother with reforging. The benefits will be tiny and soon all those epics will be replaced.
If you do choose to reforge you should focus on changing stats to haste. This is important if you are low on the haste side and want to catch up. Crit and spirit will be the only stats you can reforge to haste (unless you have hit gear).
Just make sure when you are reforging you still keep a decent amount of crit and spirit to keep your mana safe.

You should only be wearing mail now due to the mastery bonus. You gain a 5% bonus to intellect while wearing only mail (apart from neck, back, rings, trinkets, weapons).

Gems should not be changing. Continue to gem haste (Quick King's Amber) + haste and intellect (Reckless Amentrine).

To add in cata:
PVP guide
Full in depth 85 guide

(Pearroc: original thread )
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Re: Restoration 4.0.3

Post  Manatha on 2010-12-01, 01:54

Thanks for this, should be useful for the endgames
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