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Enhancement 4.0.1

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Enhancement 4.0.1

Post  Maugrim on 2010-11-30, 22:49

Enhancement Talent tree

Your enhancement talent tree should look something like this:

With the exception of Imp. Fire Nova, every point in that tree is required for maximum enhancement dps. If you feel so inclined, you can take the points from improved fire nova throw them in imp. shields, for nominally higher lightning shield damage, totemic reach to…reach your windfury to the melee who standing outside of melee range?, increase your stamina, or remove snares on your party with earthbind. Frozen Power would just be an all around terrible idea, as bosses are immune to the frostbrand debuff.

Priority Queue

Now, you have all your talents picked, but you’re not sure what to do with them. That’s understandable- after an expansion of Lava Lash hitting like it’s Betty White’s right hook, it’s admittedly difficult to condition yourself to want to press the button. Luckily for you, it’s not our highest priority ability.
(For those of you who don’t know, a priority queue is used to make decisions when two abilities are both available for use. The one higher on the queue is the ability you use.) Our PR queue, sim-tested, Rouncer approved.

1. Searing Totem (if not active)
2. Maelstrom Weapon 5-Stack Lightning Bolt
3. Feral Spirits
4. Stormstrike
5. Lava Lash
6. Flame Shock
7. Earth Shock
8. Shamanistic Rage (w/ 2pct10 bonus.)

Blizzard introduced an entirely new element to the Enhancement Shaman priority- breathing room. Where we were previously Global Cooldown capped, we now have spaces in our rotation. Most of the time, redropping Searing Totem will fall in one of these spaces-since it’s once a minute, it’s something you’ll notice is running out during your free time and you’ll recast. Feral Spirits is once every two minutes, so that’s not going to be a regular thing to care about in terms of priority. Shamanistic Rage will fit into the same gaps as Searing Totem- don’t go out of your way to cast it unless everything else is on CD. Also, Flame Shock also now scales with haste by increasing the number of dot ticks within its 18 second debuff, which means you’ll be casting a 1:2 shock rotation, with one flame shock followed by two earth shocks in most cases. All in all, the new Enhancement priority system is a lot cleaner, with less abilities to manage but with each of the abilities we have hitting harder.

A note on Fire Elemental:
Fire Elemental has been a reasonably good dps increase for Enhancement Shaman in the past, offering as much as a 1000+dps increase on short duration fights. Due to Enhancement’s reliance on Searing Flames for both dot damage and Lava Lash damage, Fire Elemental’s dps increase is not a dps increase over Searing Totem. HOWEVER, Fire Elemental does allow use of Fire Nova for the two minutes it is up. Drágon of Lethon has done some simming that shows using Fire Elemental and fitting nova into the GCD gaps offers a dps increase slightly shy of 100dps. However, due to nova casting from the totem and not the Fire Elemental, this means this will only be useful in fights where the boss is always in Fire Elemental range. For straight up fights, FE/Nova to your heart’s content. For movement fights, Searing is king.

Weapon Speed is still slow/slow, meaning 2.6 speed in both hands or slower. Imbues are still Windfury Mainhand/Flametongue Offhand.


Now, I know that haste is your best friend, and has been since Ulduar, and you don’t want to give up the special thing you two have. I get that. However, haste has ditched you. The change that went into effect in late Naxxramas days that gave us 30% more haste from haste rating is gone in 4.0, drastically reducing the haste you get from haste rating. When I copied Elam from live to the beta, he gained a good 50 haste rating…but his melee haste percent went from 33.10 to 27.9%. And that was not the only change- with the loss of Attack Power as a green stat on mail gear, and losing ap from intellect, my Attack Power dropped nearly a thousand points, from 5311 to 4432.

None of this is actually bad, though. In fact, it’s kind of nice that Blizzard nerfed our haste, as it’s a good way of encouraging us to break out of our comfort zone and seek greener pastures. Right now, our low damage specials and high reliance on white attacks makes us weak in movement fights, and haste exacerbates those very issues. Agility, our new gemming overlord, gives us attack power and melee crit, and makes our now high-damage specials higher damage. This isn’t to say haste is the worst stat in the world, but it’s been definitely reduced.

Also, we’ve entered the new world of “Mastery.” As mentioned earlier, Enhancement’s “mastery” bonus is 2.5% increased Elemental Damage for each point of mastery (not mastery rating), the shaman has. This increased damage affects Flametongue procs, Lava Lash, all our shocks, both our lightning spells, our searing totem dot and lightning shield. Much like Agility, it servers to make our abilities hit harder. Mastery has pretty definitely taken charge over Haste and Crit as our most sought after stat. This is especially nice in t10 gear, as it allows shaman who are nearing the crit cap a way of dropping their critical hit for something more useful than hit. To give an example of the benefit of mastery, after transferring Elam to the Beta, I simmed a 550 dps increase after reforging the excess crit on my gear to mastery, dropping my melee and spell crit by about 8.5% and increasing my mastery by 8.52, or 21.3% Elemental Damage. (I also achieved another 500+ dps increase by dropping all my haste gems and grabbing agility gems.)

To put our new stat priorities into an easy to visualize-possibly dangerous if you’re hungry-situation, I came up with this example:

Q u o t e:
Imagine you’re eating a really good Surf and Turf dinner. You first need to procure your utensils-in this case expertise and hit- otherwise you won’t have the tools to eat the dinner. They’re not as fun as anything else, but they’re the most important.After that, you move on to the steak, Agility. This is the thing that overshadows everything else on the plate with it’s awesomeness. After that comes your…Lobster, I guess? That’s your mastery. If the steak didn’t exist, it would be the highlight, but the existence of agility pushes Mastery into the second spot.
After that you have your potatoes and drink, your crit and haste. You don’t order the meal because the meal comes with crit and haste, but you also don’t cry that they’re included. They’re still good, they’re just not excellent.

And then you have like, your peas. This is spirit. No one likes peas or spirit and we bite our thumb at it.

Hit and Expertise to caps are most important. Caps are 111 for Expertise (88 pigfaces) and 446 for Spell Hit. Agility is best to stack. Mastery is slightly-less-best. Crit and Haste don’t suck, but aren’t something to go out of your way for.

Special note: 111/88 caps for expertise are based on a current bug on live that has diminished boss dodge percentage. Caps SHOULD be higher, (139/116), but they are not. Yet.

Basic runthrough of 4.0.1reforging

Reforging is the practice of paying an NPC in a capital city to remove 40% of a rating on your gear in order to boost another rating by the same amount. This can only be done with Green Stats (Crit/Hit/Expertise/Mastery/Haste Ratings/Dodge/Parry) and Spirit-Agility, Stamina, Strength, and Intellect can not be decreased or increased in this way. Oh, and Resilience Rating. That can’t be reforged either.

1.) Reforge Crit/Haste/Excess Hit (only if spell hit capped) into Expertise, until capped at 111.
2.) Reforge Crit/Haste into Hit to the 446 Spell Hit Cap. (Remember, 3% hit debuff is gone, so you need all your hit from gear now.)
3.) After these two caps are reached, reforge Crit/Haste into Mastery.

Basic Gemming:

1.) 21 Agility/3% Increased Crit Damage meta. (Relentless Earthsiege Diamond.) It requires only one blue gem, and it’s agility. Profit!
2.) If you have blue sockets on your gear and need hit rating, gem hit here to gain socket bonuses. (Hit is now a blue gem.) If you are spell hit capped through gear/reforging, you should gem a Nightmare Tear in one blue socket to gain use of your meta. (Nightmare Tear gives you 10agi/10stam/10int, and since the int translates directly into spellpower, it provides more of a bonus than hit AFTER spell hit cap.)
3.) Red Sockets/Blue Sockets with bad socket bonuses/blue sockets when hit capped/yellow sockets with bad socket bonuses get +20 agility. You should get all your expertise through reforging. To define “Bad Socket Bonus,” I mean “anything that isn’t amazing.” If your socket bonus isn’t something incredible like +8 or +10 agility, and you don’t have access to the Alpha EnhSim to test gemming, stay safe and go +20agility.
4.) Good yellow socket bonuses (+8 or higher) get +10 agility/10Crit. +10 Agility/10 Haste also works, but crit is showing slightly higher in sims right now.

To clarify: I don’t believe a +10 agility bonus even exists in the game right now. Highest bonuses seem to be multiples of 8 on live- either 8 of x stat or +16 attack power. I’m just saying that in theory, a +10 bonus would be enough to warrant gemming 10agi/10crit.

Mail Specialization:

Enhancement Shaman now get 5% more agility provided they are wearing all mail. This means that there is almost definitely no good reason to use anything but mail gear anymore.

Relic Usage

For ill or for naught, Enhancement Shaman have spent the better part of the past year complaining about using an Elemental Shaman totem instead of one designed for Enhancement.

That said, Enhancement Shaman are now gone from that era of Elemental Totem usage. With 4.0 changes, totems no longer have their “unique” buff feature that procs off spell uses, but instead are another part of gear with stats on them. This is easier for Blizzard to balance by far- effectively becoming our version of the warrior/rogue’s ranged weapon slot.

For us in 4.0.1 now, this means that Totem of the Avalanche is now our Best in Slot totem, since it’s been overrun with passive Agility. Ditch that Shattered Ice and grab this totem.


These enchants will give you the most bang for your buck. These all assume no profession bonuses. (A note on professions: Engineer tinkers like nitro boosts no longer give stats, but they DO allow you to enchant as well, meaning you can get +20 agility to boots AND a 5 second run speed increase):

Head: Arcanum of Torment.
Shoulders: Greater Inscription of the Axe.
Cape: Major Agility.
Chest: Powerful Stats.
Bracers: Greater Assault. (Note: There is an expertise option for wrists too. Do NOT go for this, by any means. Reforge for expertise.)
Gloves: Major Agility.
Belt: Eternal Belt Buckle, Agility Gem.
Pants: Icescale Leg Armor
Boots: Superior Agility.
Weapons: Early theorycrafting says Berserking.


The days of glyphing three major glyphs and three minor glyphs are over. Come patch 4.0.1., glyphs have diversified, and we now have use of 9 glyphs at a time, not 6. Glyphs that increase damage or somehow change a rotation are now known as Prime Glyphs. Glyphs that introduced important utility are now Major glyphs. Glyphs that look pretty or do something cosmetic are minor glyphs.

Enhancement Prime Glyph Choices: Highest DPS Glyphs are bolded.
Glyph of Feral Spirit: 30% Attack Power to wolves
Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem: 5Minute CD Reduction on Fire Elemental
Glyph of Flame Shock: 50% duration increase for FS. (Duration to 27 seconds.)
Glyph of Flametongue Weapon: 2% Crit when FT Weapon is active.
Glyph of Lava Lash: 20% Damage Buff to Lava Lash
Glyph of Lightning Bolt: 4% Damage to Lightning Bolt
Glyph of Stormstrike: 8% more critical strike chance for nature spells on Stormstrike.
Glyph of Windfury: 2% more chance to proc windfury.

Enhancement Major Glyph Choices:
Glyph of Chain Lightning: CL hits two more targets, but initial damage lessened by 10%. (Good for Enhancement AoE.)
Glyph of Ghost Wolf: 5% more speed on GW, bringing you to 35% in all.
Glyph of Healing Stream Totem: Gives your healing stream totem the same effect as your elemental resistance totem. Very strong raid buff totem.
Glyph of Lightning Shield: Lightning Shield never drops below 3 charges, even when being hit or otherwise proccing. Excellent if you don’t want to blow a GCD every 10 minutes renewing LS, also ok if you’re doing fights with adds or fights with passive raid auras that proc LS.
Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem: Gives you a bubble equal to 4x the bubble your stoneclaw protects your totems with. On live, that’s about 4,400 damage. I think this is the best choice for a major glyph, as it gives you a way to proactively protect yourself from incoming damage…and any healer will tell you how amazing absorbs are in Wrath of the Lich King raiding.
Glyph of Totemic Recall: You regain 75% of the mana cost of totems when you recall, vs. 25%. Not bad, just not amazing.

(Thanks to Elam Original post )

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